Spring Kickoff

SoCal Elite FC
Spring Kickoff

SoCal Elite FC presents the Spring Kickoff! The tournament is hosted in the premier fields of Southern California on March 14-15th. Play against elite competition and get ready for the fall season! Here are the details:

– Minimum of 3 games guaranteed
– Multiple flights, balanced competition
– T-Shirts, Medals, and Trophy for champions
– Medals and MVP Ball for Finalist
– Pins for all participants
– No coaching conflicts during pool play
– Discounts for clubs that bring 5 or more teams
– Got Soccer points
– Premier Venues, Quality Fields

Why Spring Kickoff?
March 14-15th

Ayala Park, Chino

2013 – 2011 – $595
2010 – 2009 – $695
2008 – 2003 – $795

Final Registration Deadline: February 21st

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For more info, please contact:
David Oh | 562-325-2265 | davidoh@socalelitesoccer.com