California Super Cup

SoCal Elite Soccer Presents
The California Super Cup

SoCal Elite FC presents the California Super Cup! The tournament is hosted in the premier fields of Southern California on May 30-31st. Start off the summer with a bang! Here are the details:

– Minimum of 3 games guaranteed
– Multiple flights, balanced competition
– T-Shirts, Medals, and Trophy for champions
– Medals and MVP Ball for Finalist
– Pins for all participants
– No coaching conflicts during pool play
– Discounts for clubs that bring 5 or more teams
– Got Soccer points
– Premier Venues, Quality Fields

Why California Super Cup?
May 30-31st

Location:Ayala Park, Chino

Age Group & Registration:
2013 – 2011 – $595
2010 – 2009 – $695
2008 – 2003 – $795

“Thank you David Oh and SoCal Elite Sports for hosting great tournaments such as the IE Elite Cup and the Labor Day Classic. It’s always great to come to Southern California and play top teams with great competitive attitude. I would recommend any teams and clubs that are out there to definitely take part of these great events. Always count on Las Vegas Diversity FC to be part of SoCal Elite Sports’ tournaments. Once again thank SoCal Elite Sports see you guys soon.”

Las Vegas Diversity FC 2012 Coach
Andres Argeuta Cuatro
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For more info, please contact:
David Oh | 562-325-2265 |